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Putting All Your Eggs In One Channel


Over the last decade there’s been a drive towards specialism fueled by the rise of new marketing channels and from what we’ve seen it’s driving clients mad.  I’ve had several conversations with clients over the last couple of years, all bemoaning the fact that they’ve had to work with several different companies to get the campaign they wanted.

And who can blame them? Running the average campaign can take 1 Creative Agency for the concept and strategy, 1 Digital Agency to create the website and online assets, 1 Production Company to create the moving media, 1 Print Company for direct mail and 1 Social Media company to run the twitter feed and write the blogs.  That’s not to say these individual specialists don’t play nicely together but without one company acting as project lead, that job falls to the client who’s busy enough as it is…

That’s one of the reasons why we set up Workspace 1.

For several years I’ve seen (and preached to those who know me) that specialism is not the all singing and dancing advantage it once was. Every new innovation or marketing development has seen the creation of another breed of specialist agency, which increases the risk of siloed marketing as a specialist looks to move the focus of the project into their own area of expertise.

Clients want (correct me if I’m wrong) effective, clear and comprehensive solutions.  I’ve got absolutely nothing against specialist organisations in fact, we work alongside an awful lot of them to offer the full range of services we do, and will continue to do so. We merely believe that offering a comprehensive solution to our clients creates more effective communication than putting all our eggs into one channel.

Traditionally we’ve gravitated towards projects where film becomes the central pillar of the creative, as they’re a very effective communication tool, and they’re also fun to make.  We recognise, however, that it’s important to create a well-rounded eco-system around whatever the core platform is (whether this is film, web an event etc) which is controlled by one creative point of contact.  This approach ensures a creative continuity and means that no matter how the customer engages with a campaign, the level of quality and messaging is the same throughout.

There are plenty of people out there who only make films. We make dreams come true. Your dreams. Come run free in the fields with us.


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