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Why a video testimonial might just be the best thing you ever did for your business.


When a customer tells the world you rock on camera it can have a transformational effect on your business.  Why?  Because potential customers are usually looking for some reassurance that what you have to sell is really what they’re looking for.  Although written testimonials could be used to do this they lack the immediacy and impact of a video and if they happen to be anonymous? Well most cynical people will start wondering if they’re fake.

Video testimonials on the other hand prove that your company is committed to good customer service.  They let you demonstrate how you go about solving your customers problems and most importantly that you won’t let them down.  And because they show happy, satisfied customers whose lives have been made better they do a far better job of blowing your own trumpet that you ever could.

So if you want to start getting the best out of your customer’s testimonials why not follow our few simple tips?

Don’t script it.  Testimonials only work if they sound genuine.  Ask the customer some open questions and let them tell you what they think in their own words.

Be specific.  “Improved profits by 200% in just 6 months” sounds so much impressive than “We saw a jump a profits”

Be relevant. If you want to sell your product to the healthcare industry make sure you’re talking to someone who works in that industry and better yet set the interview there.

Objections. What objections? Make time to deal with any perceived negatives with your product or service. Production seen as too slow? That’s because you get it right first time.  Too expensive? Not when you take into account the savings in other areas they’ll make.

Don’t fake it.  Ever. Always use real customers because it’s all too easy to spot when an actor or member of the business has been used as a stand in.

Why not let us know how you use customer testimonials to promote your business?  How easy do you find it to ask customers for them?  Or do you struggle to get clients to agree to be on camera? Have you found testimonials make it easier to get new business?

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