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Location, Location, Lighthouse?


A case study by the sea

A case study by the sea

97.265%* of all the case studies we’ve ever been shown are filmed in an office.  But surely the point of making a video is to show off the company’s uniqueness, either through building the brand or demoing new products or a way of thinking?   So what’s with this stunning lack of variety?  Well the upside of course is that company offices are a snap to organise, what with being quite literally on the organisation’s doorstep.  That’s great, especially for quick turnaround projects.  However the downside to all that convenience is that the end result will look just like every other case study that your company has ever made.

Just because you’re creating video for business it doesn’t mean you have to stick to the same old tried and tested locations when you come to shoot it.  With a bit of imagination and just a tiny bit more effort you could end up with something really quite special.

Here’s in no particular order are a few of our favourite alternative locations, let us know if we’ve missed any,

  1. A Coffee Shop
  2. Innovation Centre
  3. Sports Stadium
  4. Library
  5. The Zoo
  6. An Art Gallery
  7. Fruit Market
  8. The Seaside
  9. Historic House
  10. A Disused Church
  11. Cave
  12. Rooftop
  13. The London Eye
  14. The back of a Limousine
  15. A Park
  16. Your customers premises
  17. A theatre/film set
  18. Concert hall/recording studio
  19. A maze
  20. A chocolate shop
  21. Lighthouse

So next times you get the opportunity to shout about your company why not try thinking outside the boardroom?

(*Made up stat but it’s a really is almost all of them.)


Sweating Your Marketing Assets

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Let’s face it, times is tough. Austerity stares us down like we’ve accidentally spilt it’s pint inside one of ‘Britain’s Toughest Boozers’ and the pressure is on to maximise every piece of marketing collateral. But this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. To quote Bob the Builder “reduce, reuse & recycle”. So once it’s finished being a brochure, why not reuse it as an elegant brooch or perhaps an attractive new hat?

It’s easy to spend money on content for a specific channel and it to be used in isolation and then die (don’t worry folks, marketing content doesn’t just die, it goes to marketing heaven! Unless of course if it’s been bad marketing content…). That content doesn’t have to stop there though.

Say for instance, you’ve just created a lovely new animation.  Hi-Res stills can be rendered out to create a postcard teaser campaign and icons can be created from elements of the animation and built into presentations and websites. Segments of the animation can be slightly repurposed to help bring a presentation to life and frankly, you’ll probably want to write some blog posts about some of the issues touched upon in the animation. A bit like they do at the end of EastEnders, but probably infinitely less gritty.

And as for the original animation itself, well it doesn’t just need to sit squirreled away on the company website deep down at the bottom of an article on the specific service or product it represents. It should be placed on the YouTube channel, used at exhibitions, presentations & sales meetings.

Further still you can get it translated into a range of different languages for just a fraction of the price you paid for the original, meaning the sales teams across EMEA, APAC, the Americas and Telford can use it to it’s maximum effectiveness.

Essentially just because you’ve had something created for a specific purpose doesn’t mean it’s remit can’t be expanded. In this climate it’d be criminal not to.

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