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Product marketing with a wee bit of comedy…


You may have stumbled across this online advert, Just a Wee, for the Bathstore last month.  It marked a bit of a departure from the brands usual lifestyle videos and made a pretty good stab at going viral by using a mix of eye watering slapstick and a comedy set up.

The aim was to promote its range of soft-close toilet seats, and well there’s a man who wishes he had one when he was a child, a confused girlfriend and a dog that… well it’s probably best you just watch it for yourself.

With 220k hits in the first 2 days rising to just over 751k in a month it has had its fair share of exposure – especially when you remember that it’s a toilet seat we’re talking about not the latest must have gadget.  Where it gets interesting is when you look at the response that it’s had on YouTube.  Although it’s had a lot more thumbs up that thumbs down, a quick glance down the comment section reveals an almost a 50/50 split amongst posters, ranging from the positive –


“Awsome ad. I’m glad to see marketers are getting their sense of humour back!”

Shawn Benson 

“The first pre-roll advert I actually wanted to share! Well done”



To the positively offended,


“Whoever signed off this viral ad should be taken to task, it really is stooping to a new low just to sell product. what will it be next, the Power Shower foofoo cleaner? – Please, stick to adverts which have a bit of class – unless of course you have changed the demographic of your target market?”

Ian Holmes

And that Ian, really is a very good question.  Does altering your marketing output simply swap one audience for another? Personally I’d argue that doing something a bit different, and showing a sense of humour is something that should be applauded.  It exposes the Bath store brand to a new audience and gets blogs like this one written to help spread the word.   Whether all that activity equates to sales though is something I look forward to seeing once the campaign results are in.

Sweating Your Marketing Assets

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Let’s face it, times is tough. Austerity stares us down like we’ve accidentally spilt it’s pint inside one of ‘Britain’s Toughest Boozers’ and the pressure is on to maximise every piece of marketing collateral. But this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. To quote Bob the Builder “reduce, reuse & recycle”. So once it’s finished being a brochure, why not reuse it as an elegant brooch or perhaps an attractive new hat?

It’s easy to spend money on content for a specific channel and it to be used in isolation and then die (don’t worry folks, marketing content doesn’t just die, it goes to marketing heaven! Unless of course if it’s been bad marketing content…). That content doesn’t have to stop there though.

Say for instance, you’ve just created a lovely new animation.  Hi-Res stills can be rendered out to create a postcard teaser campaign and icons can be created from elements of the animation and built into presentations and websites. Segments of the animation can be slightly repurposed to help bring a presentation to life and frankly, you’ll probably want to write some blog posts about some of the issues touched upon in the animation. A bit like they do at the end of EastEnders, but probably infinitely less gritty.

And as for the original animation itself, well it doesn’t just need to sit squirreled away on the company website deep down at the bottom of an article on the specific service or product it represents. It should be placed on the YouTube channel, used at exhibitions, presentations & sales meetings.

Further still you can get it translated into a range of different languages for just a fraction of the price you paid for the original, meaning the sales teams across EMEA, APAC, the Americas and Telford can use it to it’s maximum effectiveness.

Essentially just because you’ve had something created for a specific purpose doesn’t mean it’s remit can’t be expanded. In this climate it’d be criminal not to.

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