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How To Use Mobile Marketing To Entice Your Customers In 5 Easy Steps


Everyone I know has a smartphone.  They use them obsessively, at work, home and even, thanks to wifi, on trains and in airports whilst travelling.  Most of this time online is spent searching for something, something to buy, watch or inspire.  And whilst never switching off is almost certainly a bad thing it does raise an interesting opportunity for marketers.

Yet most brands are still lagging behind when it comes to mobile and online marketing.  Instead of using it for what it’s good for they stick to the same methods they always used.  So a brochure becomes a downloadable PDF, an email campaign is treated like just direct mail and company videos start gathering dust unwatched and under-promoted on YouTube.

So what can we do to change this? Read on…

Optimise, Optimise, Optimise

The downside to checking your email on a mobile is that you’ll be viewing the content on a much smaller screen than was probably intended.  This can mean such horrors as horizontal scrolling, huge, unwieldy images, and far, far too much text.  By properly optimising your website and emails you can help avoid this and stop alienating your readers – for more info on this subject why not read Ryan Hickling’s Blog on Mobile optimisation here.

Make your content bite-sized and intriguing

People attentions spans are getting shorter especially when using mobiles to view content, so you need to get to the point quickly.  Creating a series is a great way to achieve this, several short episodes instead of one long programme means that you can spread your messaging over a long time frame whilst cliff hangers and plot twists will keep your audience coming back for more.

Let the audience join in

Host the conversation in places where your audience gather. If they use Facebook launch your campaign there, if they all use the same coffee shop put up posters to tell them where to find you online.   Competitions, games, quizzes and forums are all ways to get your customers more engaged.

VIP Status

Exclusivity makes customers feel special.  Anyone who signs up to your campaign is a brand advocate and they deserve to feel like they’re getting the very best treatment.   Just make sure that what you offer has value to your customers and that they are properly rewarded for being loyal to your brand.

Pick the right time to launch

Even if you’ve created fantastic content it’s still not going to make a splash if no one knows about it.  If you’re a fashion or retail & leisure brand it pays to think outside the traditional 9-5 timeframe when it comes to launching.  Weekends & evenings are prime time for your audience to get involved.

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