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The Cheat’s Guide to Measuring Success


Hurray, you’ve finally launched your new video.

It looks great, came in on budget and is bang on message.   Which just leaves us with the BIG question – is it working?

The good news is that even if there wasn’t a measurement strategy put in place at the start of the project there’s still plenty you can do to find out;

1.       Start by reminding yourself of the original objectives for the project.  Are YOU happy that it’s doing what it set out to do?

2.       Ask around.  You probably know at least a couple of people in your target audience so why not do a quick straw poll and ask them what they thought?  (If you’re met with blank stares you may need to think about upping the video’s promotion.)

3.       Check the view count.  Understanding statistic can be a bit complicated but all you’re really looking for at this stage is how many people have actually watched your video and if they made it to the end.

4.       Find out how the video is being used – if it’s a sales demo is it used to start conversations with customers? If it’s a training video is it being watched in full?  If the answers no then why not?

5.       Is it being shared?  Around the company? With friends and family?  Even globally? Chances are that if people are forwarding it around or talking about it with each other then the video has done its job.

Hopefully after doing a few of those simple checks you’ll be breathing a big sigh of relief, but if not keep an eye out for next week’s blog where’ll be giving you some hints on what you can do next.

In the meantime we’d love to hear your experiences of trying to measure success.  Is it something you insist on? Or avoid like the plague? Any hint or tips we’ve missed?

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