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When you’re solving a complex problem for your customers, more often than not you need to win the buy in of multiple stakeholders. In an exhibition setting, the challenge is how to personalize your content so that it is relevant to all the visitors of the stand regardless of their role.

Debuted at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 17 we produced the Densification Acceleration Services demo, segmenting the messaging into three key tracks that allowed the presenter to tailor the story to a trio of very different departments - finance, technical and operations.

In each track the demo shows how the Nokia SCORE methodology would help operators to target and rank buildings in megacities to get the best ROI. More often than not the ‘obvious’ answer is not in fact the best solution, so the demo concentrated on showing these surprising scenarios.

To define the content we worked with a large group of internal stakeholders, from all over the globe. By questioning the brief in the early stages, and checking the creative worked for not only the marketing team but also the sales and product experts, a universal demo was created and is still being widely used.

Whilst the initial launch focused on the HD demo for small groups, iPad and Android apps soon followed – allowing the sales team to easily access the content without needing to rely on Wi-Fi at customer premises.

To expand the reach further post-MWC we developed an overview 2D & 3D blended animation that accompanied by an infographic to promote Nokia’s HetNets solution online whilst showcasing its building mapping techniques.

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